“If you’re reading this it means you’re about to meet my Son! The two of us have been on many journeys together. I remember the special moment his Mother gave birth (even if I did pass out), driving him to Montessori when he was 5, giving him ‘Psycho-Cybernetics’ when he was a teen, taking him river rafting & skiing, watching him play in his first Major League game, taking him to an NVC Intensive with Marshall Rosenberg and studying non-violence with him in India with the Gandhi family!

So in a way the journey you’re about to embark on with my Son is the culmination of all his/our experiences, phone calls and shared humanity, and since I introduced Anthony Raymond Scruggs to the ‘Language of Empathy’ I could not be more thrilled to see where he is taking it! We talk every Sunday night using this Language of Empathy (Sunday night conversation with SiMBa & the Lion King). Now you get to experience the birth of what he calls his purpose (‘to connect team-humanity with the practical tools of empathy’)!

I may be a little biased, he is my SUN after all, but in my humble opinion you are about to embark on a terrific ‘Journey of Change’!” ~Marc Scruggs (aka @TheLionKing444)

Welcome to ‘Make That Change in 4 Days: The e (is for Empathy) Course’ 😉 (If you’re ready, click here -> http://wp.me/P5dLI9-p)

Letter from Dad